Solar Powered Magnetic GPS Terminal--TL-904D

Artículo No.: TL-904D
TL-904D is a big battery Solar Powered Magnetic gps tracker. which equipped with 10000Ah battery inside. It can be used for any temporary asset that you want to track . Such as car ,trailer, asset etc.
TL-904D is a solar powered GPS tracker designed for assets management. Such as trailers, containers, boats and other non-powered assets. The device shell is made of aluminum alloy material, resistant to high temperature, moisture, collision, deformation and impact. Additionally, TL-904D had equipped with BLE 5.0 module which enable the tracker to connect with the extra BLE sensor ( such as Temperature & Humidity sensor, Door sensor ) for more application scenarios. 

Main Features

Supports 4G frequency with a fall back to 2G

Accurate GPS LBS WIFI positioning

3 Axis Accelerator
Supports vibration detection in three planes

Solar Panel
As a supplment of battery power

Light Sensor
Tamper detected by light sensor

Bluetooth 5.0
Supports external sensors communication

Robust Design
Device shell is made of aluminum alloy material

10000mAh Li-ion Battery
1 data/ day up to 3 years usage life

IP67 Water Resistance 
Ensures stable operation in tough environment